Captains and officers

At Hebridean Island Cruises we believe it is simply not possible to look after large numbers of guests properly and give them the really personal service that differentiates an extraordinary holiday from a merely good one. That is why, on Hebridean Princess, you will find only 50 like-mined souls and no fewer than 38 crew to look after you.

If you would like to be known by your name within moments of coming on board, to have your smallest preferences remembered, then mass-market style cruising will never be a satisfactory alternative.

Everything we do receives the same level of care and attention; from the carefully conceived shore visits to the spectacular overnight anchorages, the exquisite menus and the unique and individually designed cabins, every little detail aims to ensure that the whole experience is so complete that you will never even notice.

Discreet service is the bedrock of our reputation and the uncannily accurate anticipation of your needs is a skill that our crew has developed into almost an art form.

For us, resoluteness in the pursuit of perfection is something for which, in our view, there is no alternative. Behind the scenes we will be striving day and night to ensure that yours is the best holiday you have taken.

Your job is to simply sit back, relax and slow down – Hebridean style!

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