Travelling on Europe’s great waterways is a voyage of discovery, presenting a combination of fascinating destinations full of history and intrigue.

The Rhine flows for over 800 miles from Lake Constance in Switzerland to the North Sea. We explore the Rhine from the comfort of Hebridean’s Royal Crown as the river passes through great cities, vineyards and valleys, as it is joined by mighty tributaries such as the Main and the Ruhr. Allow us to take you to castles, cathedrals and cities founded by the Romans as well as Medieval settlements.

The Danube has witnessed much of continental Europe’s history, as a Neolithic trade route around 6000BC, the northern boundary of the Roman Empire, a route to the Holy Land for the crusades to the Habsburg dynasty which dominated central Europe from the 13th century to the Great War.

Explore some of the greatest cities of Europe as we sail through from The Netherlands through Germany, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria taking in Cologne, Strasbourg, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Our meandering exploration takes us to the wonders of these famous cities with guided tours in a house party style.

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